Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bay Head 5K Recap

Today was a thin day!
You know what I mean, you are just going about your day, and suddenly realize you are feeling thin. It's not just me, right?
Anyway,  I signed up for this race last minute. I was going to skip it, but it starts 1.5 miles from my house, flat and fast course, and my friends were all running. I rode my bike to the start, and enjoyed the beautiful morning!
 Posing in the front yard in my Digital Running gear!

The bag piper is there every year! He is awesome!

Look at that sky!
 The day was perfect! I kept saying that I would just enjoy the run, and not push. I finished the first mile in 10:04 and slowed down a bit after that, to around an 11:00 pace for the second and third mile. There was some wind during the second mile, but nothing crazy. As I was running, I realized that I was feeling good, feeling fit, and having fun!

My slowest ever for this race, but my fastest this year by 3 minutes!
I stayed for the awards because my friend's daughter won the 17 and under female category...

my friend Ryan won his age group

this guy was hysterical, there was a large team of runners who took a lot of AG prizes, he started calling them the Slum Dog Millionaires.

 I had a great view for the ride back! After I showered and packed for Superhero, the teenie and I went to a local restaurant that serves GF and other healthy foods.

Avocado BLT, yum!
 Then it was off to Morristown to get the bibs for Superhero. Gigi from Running on Candy was meeting me there,  and we were staying there overnight. I parked at the hotel and walked the mile into town to pick up our bibs. It was such a perfect day!

 I got our bibs, stopped for some Starbucks, and hit a few stores looking for some squeezable fruit stuff for Gigi. I made it back to the hotel with a few minutes to spare before Gigi arrived.
 We prepped our outfits for tomorrow, and had a nice italian dinner in town....

And now we are getting ready for an early-ish bedtime! I am so excited to celebrate our soldiers in tomorrow's race!

What area you up to this weekend? What Superhero would you dress up as?

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