Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Lake Five recap

So sorry it has been so long, but my internet has been down for days! I am doing this from my phone, so forgive me if I miss any typos!!
Saturday was my third Spring Lake Five, and I was so glad to be able to run it with my best running friends!
Cheryl and her mom Ronnie picked me up bright and early and we picked up her brother on the way. 
On our way there, we saw the craziest thing:

This is probably not unusual for many of you, but at the beach in NJ, it really is! I loved seeing it and wish I had gotten a better pic!
We parked right away, which was a huge surprise since there were close to12,000 runners this year! We went to the porta potties and then headed over to the hotel to meet up with our other friends!
After hanging out for a bit, we lined up for the race. The start is always insane, too many runners with many not lining up properly for their pace. Usually, you dish a lot during the first mile. Cheryl and I decided that we would take our time and just have fun. My goal was to finish under an hour.
The first mile was as insane as ever, and it quited down after that. I had to stop and take a pic with my favorite trumpeter:

Anyone who has raced in NJ, from Asbury Park to Spring Lake, has probably heard Dave play! He is such an amazing guy! 
Cheryl knew a lot of the spectators and she was cracking me up shouting out to all of them!
I noticed that at mile 3.5 we bottlenecked again, a lot of the runners slowed down. My guess is that many of them were used to 5k races and the extra two miles were a bit harder on them. 
I watched one boy begging his mom to walk and she kept saying no. It made me sad to watch her push him so hard. It was hard, it was the last mile, and he looked miserable.
She finally let him walk and I left them behind.
Cheryl caught up with me after that, after running a bit with one of her students, and we finished strong, meeting my goal with a time of just over 58 minutes!
Ok, this is Eileen and I showing off our Swirlgear. Cheryl and I took a selfie but it was horrid so I deleted it!
I was happy with my race and stopped to take some ocean pics for my buddy's mom.
And then it was time to head home!
I have so many other things I want to write about this week, hopefully this posts and I have internet soon!!
Happy Wednesday!!

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