Saturday, June 21, 2014

Double Race Weekend and a Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend was a crazy busy weekend! 

It started on Saturday morning with a local race, Kevin Brue's Father's Day 5k for Melanoma Awareness. I went to high school with his sister, my brother was friends with him, and his whole family belongs to our beach club. He was a father, husband, runner, and all around nice guy. I never miss this race!

It also runs past my house! I love that I can walk there and back! Score! I met some friends beforehand....

We watched the kids run and then lined up for our own race. I ran with my friend Grace again this year! She has just started back up the C25K program so we knew that there would be walking, especially since it was so hot!
Grace did an amazing job and we finished in about 38 minutes. 
This message was just before the mile 3 marker!

After the race, the hubs and I hopped in the car and drove about an hour south to do a scavenger hunt! It was a fundraiser for the East Coast Enduro Association to preserve trail access for Enduro motorcycling. It was a four hour scavenger hunt that had us driving all over south Jersey! At every stop we had to take a selfie for proof, look for a flag on occasion, and often take bonus pics.
We found one flag. Kind of a fail, but we did hit 15 of the 25 locations! Woot!
We took some fun selfies..
We found one flag, and some creatures....
And we managed to get a bonus shot that only one other team got, although ours was better...
These guys were more than willing to pose! 
It was am amazing day! We drove all over, saw some great sites, and covered over four miles on foot! We find out on Tuesday night if we won, at a Gift Auction dinner!
Whew! What a long day!
Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to run our second Girls on the Run 5k. Two of our girls were running so the head coach and I wanted to be there!
The drive up was a little long but completely painless! I was a little early, but it gave me time to get my bib and tee and leave my stuff in the car. And take a selfie.
Everyone rocks a tutu at GOTR! I got a lot of compliments that day!
Since I was so early, I volunteered with Stacie at registration. It amazed me how many people thought the race was free! You do have to pay to participate in GOTR, but the race is not included in the fee. I am guessing that not all coaches made that very clear! I was also amazed at how many registered at the last minute! 

We packed up at the last minute and headed to the start.
Another selfie:
Love my girls!
We were off! We all went our separate ways, and I ran most of it myself. It was crazy hot and crazy hilly. Oh, and the 5k and scavenger hunt the day before?
Me legs were very tired! I took my time, enjoyed watching all of the girls having fun, and finished in almost 39 minutes. So much slower than usual but so worth it! I made it just in time to get a medal, they stopped giving them to adults shortly after!
It was a crazy weekend, but my fitbit sure liked it! 
Have you ever done a scavenger hunt?


  1. Scavenger hunts are so fun!! I was supposed to do one next weekend in Philly but I can't go.