Friday, June 6, 2014

JSRC Summer Series, Week 1 Recap

Last night was the first week of my Running Club's Summer Series. It is a weekly 5k, held at a Municipal Park about 20 minutes away. I ran the series two years ago, and my time ranged from just under 35 minutes to just over 36 minutes. My best time for a 5k is 29:45 and my average time is 31-32 minutes.

Why does the course always kick my butt? I have a few theories. 
The race is run at night, so I'm not fresh and rested.
The park is inland and it is always hot and humid.
Hills! The park has a few and they are well so well spaced out but it's a double loop so you do them twice.
It starts out in a field. It's a grassy, bumpy, crazy start and I am always super careful until the transition to the paved path!

Cheryl picked me up early, so that we could drop her daughter off at Irish Step on the way. We got to the park pretty early, so we registered for the whole series, walked around a bit, and then went to see the kids' races. They had a half mile race and a one mile race. Our friend'a son won the mile, finishing in just over 7:00! Woohoo!
Time for the 5k. We were given our instructions as started right away. As usual, I went out way too fast once we left the field, and the humidity plus my runner's asthma forced me to slow down a bit. I finished the first mile in 10:10, according to the volunteer. The second mile was around 11 and the third was a bit longer. Finishing time: 33:51, a full minute faster than two years ago!
As usual, only two people finished behind me, so I was 4/5 for my AG. Too many fast people at these things!
I look forward to week two!

Today is National Donut Day! Will you be celebrating??


  1. That sounds so great- I wish we had something like it down here in S. Jersey!

    No donuts for me yesterday. I'm not a huge fan so it wasn't hard for me to resist the temptation of free donuts! ;)

    1. Have you checked the listings? We have 4 summer series between monmouth and ocean county, in our area!