Friday, June 27, 2014

Running and Yoga, perfect together! MyYogaWorks Review

I was given a 6 month membership to MyYogaWorks in order to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own!

I have been saying for months that I really need to do some cross training. It seems that all I do is run! I have started adding yoga into my schedule, and have done yoga every day this week! I am already seeing a difference!

MyYogaWorks is the perfect website to help me on this journey to do yoga every day! They have individual videos, as well as Series videos to help you reach your goals!
I started out trying their individual videos, choosing a 45 minute length (you can shoos anywhere from 5-90 minutes!) with Weight Loss as my goal, and core as the body part I wanted to focus on.
It was crazy! I felt really stretched out afterwards, and I was a sweaty mess.
Afterwards, I surfed around for what I might try the next day. I discovered that they have a Yoga for Runners Series! I plan to try that one after my next run! I ran last night, but it was too late for anything by the time I got back!

I also tried out their Spring Yoga Challenge. I loved it, and cannot wait to continue on. Yesterday was my first day, and I plan to follow it every day for the next four weeks! I was checking out their other Journey Challenges, and now I am confused! What to do next?

I am liking the Mindful Fitness Series..... I would love to try partner yoga but I doubt the hubs would go for it!

But Wait! I want to learn to do a headstand! And Bakasana!

Yoga for Athletes, Firefly, Road Trip? I am bringing my laptop to our Maine trip to do that one! We are going for a long race weekend, and I will need some yoga to center me while I am there!

Upper Body Strength also looks great because, well, I have none! Flying Pigeon and Handstands are also on my yoga bucket list! Did I mention no arm strength? I bet that Upper Body Strength series would prep me for those more difficult Series!

You can customize your workout every day! 
The instructors are so precise, and they tell you everything you need to do as you are doing it, you never have to look up!
The choices are endless

The choices are endless! What do I do next?

What would you like to try?

If you would like to try out MyYogaWorks, you can! Use the code bloggermonth to get a FREE one month trial!


  1. Sounds great. Just getting more flexible is a plus for me.

    1. I hear you there! I was surprised out how difficult some of the exercises were!