Sunday, June 29, 2014

Staying Active in Atlantic City

Last weekend, the hubs and I took a weekend trip to Atlantic City for a late Anniversary getaway. Of course, I joined WW on Thursday, so I had food choices and exercise on the brain! Not to mention a new challenge group I found, called Challenges, for users of FitBits and Jawbones. If you meet certain challenges, you get points to use towards prizes like water bottles, headbands, workout bags, and more.
My poor hubs!
We started Friday morning with breakfast at home, and then headed right for the Cape May Zoo. It was the perfect day for a stroll through the zoo. Poor hubs, I made him walk, and walk, and walk.

For real, this guy was doing laps around his enclosure, it was hysterical!

my favorite part! SO shady and cool

selfie with the hubs....and a big stuffed bear

 I think we covered about 2 miles! Next stop? AC baby! We stopped at McDonald's for lunch and instead of getting a salad, I got a hamburger Happy Meal. Not my finest moment, I admit, but it was yummy, and I was a good girl, and ate my apples!
We hit the Outlets first, lots more walking, plus a cute dress and shirt from Forever 21 and a new Coach wallet. Not too shabby! Then it was time for the massage the hubs surprised me with the week before. I put the phone away so there are no pics, just one hour of total bliss.
Little bit of trivia: getting a massage releases toxins, and when you are on your stomach and the masseuse is massaging your back, it makes your nose stuff up. It.was.crazy. When I finally sat up, I was woozy and she said that was normal, too. I think I got almost all the way back to the lockers before I felt normal again!
We had so much time before dinner, that we decided to walk some more. We hit the boards and started walking, thinking of getting a snack. First we stopped to take some pics of this massive sandcastle...
 It was so big that I had to take a bunch of pics and collage them together! The hubs saw Jimmy Buffet's up ahead, so we stopped in for a beverage and some pretzel sticks. Yummy!

We walked a bit more, then decided it was time to shower for dinner. I was all oily from my massage, so I definitely didn't mind! I decided to wear my new dress. Don't we clean up nice? We were about to try out Amada, a Spanish restaurant that serves Tapas, small plates of the most delicious food!

We couldn't decide what we wanted, so we ordered it all! 6 different dishes, plus a bonus dish sent out by the chef. From left to right, top to bottom: Lamb meatballs ...  flat bread with duck, foie gras, and fig ...  ham croquettes ... a cheese I can't remember with bread and lavender honey ... chorizos ... spicy potatoes ... and the chips and sauce from the chef. OMG I ate a little of each and it.was.heaven.
We thought we would donate a little money to the casino as well, but we actually won a bit at the money wheel, and then I spent a little of that playing Willy Wonka slots (what fun!).

The next morning, I ran 4 miles on the boards. It was humid, but not too terrible! We also did a bit ore shopping, and I ended both days with around 18K steps!

I definitely went over my points on those 2 days because, of course, we had breakfast and lunch out on Saturday as well (crepes with Nutella for breakfast and lunch at Atlanta Bread) but I was sure to make better choices every day afterwards.
I ended the week down 1 pound, which I will take, thank you very much!

Marathon training has been going well, and I don't want to derail now that summer is here!

Do you stay active on your vacations? Do you watch what you eat?


  1. Looks like a fun getaway! I joined WW a few months ago, I stuck with it for about a month. I'm sure you'll do better than I did!
    Your dress is so cute and that food looks so good! I do stay active when I'm on vacay, but I'm not very careful about what I eat. When I get back home I try to get right back on track though.

    1. WW is okay, but it is harder for me to lose every year! My eating is atrocious, lol, and WW is less forgiving than My Fitness Pal, which is what I also use to track my food when i am out for the day!