Monday, June 16, 2014

The Color Run Kaleidoscope Tour #Happiest5K

It is definitely no secret that I love doing The Color Run! How can you not love a race that is just 100% fun from start to finish?!? You can read about past events that I have attended
here and here..... and here
Who wouldn't want to run with this kid?
For me, this is definitely a family affair! I have taken the boy once and the teenie twice, and I plan to take the teenie with me a couple of times this year!
What is it about The Color Run? Check out this year's swag, for starters:
yes! everyone gets a sling bag this year, along with the tee, headband, bracelet, and bonus color for the Finish Line event!

 And then there is the party at the finish line, although I am getting ahead of myself!
party at the finish line! Photo by The Color Run
 The music is amazing, and there is a new color at every kilometer mark!

If that isn't enough fun all at once, there is a discount code:

Type the code in at checkout, do not copy and paste! Not valid with any other discounts or promotions!

 And when you are done, you can pose like this, because, you know, it's cool and all:
 The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, is a safe, fun, unique paint race that celebrates health, happiness, and individuality! It is perfect for people of all ages, and is totally stroller friendly! Most of the color will wash out of your clothes and will wash off of your body (although it has been known yo hang around for a few days, making conversations fun and interesting for days!)
It is the single largest event series in the United States, and has more than tripled in growth, hosting over 170 events in 30+ countries in 2013!

The teenie and I will be in Brooklyn in July! I am so excited to run another event with her! She gets faster each year, and really loves the finish line event!

Not a runner? That's okay! Many people walk the entire event! The first year, it was super hot in NYC and we ran a little, and then walked through every color station! It was so much fun and we really maximized the amount of color!
When the by and I did the NJ event, it was DO packed with people you *had* to walk! We had so much fun and saw so many crazy people doing crazy things! A group of men even did the whole even carrying a huge log on their shoulders!
Our last event was Lehigh Valley, SO beautiful, and we ran the whole thing! The teenie was so proud of herself!

Be sure to check back for pictures after we run Brooklyn!

Will you be doing The Color Run this year? Where?

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