Thursday, July 24, 2014

Westfield 5k Pizza Run

Last night I finally got to run the Westfield 5k Pizza Run! I went with my friends Ronnie and Ryan, they were excited to show me how much fun this race is! 
It had quite an expo going on and we came home with quite a bit of swag! Mostly pens, but I also got an Athleta bracelet hair tie, a tech shirt, frisbee, cloth bags, and some biofreeze. Score!
Bib pickup was a breeze! I got my bib, tee, and hat and we went back to the car to stow our stuff and then back to the race. I figure we covered about two miles just walking back and forth to the car!

I stopped to take a pic of my awesome new Pro Compression socks....

And my cool new Aid Band.....

My sweet boy! I run 4 Bryce! More about both of these in future posts!
It was time to line up! I was nervous about my pace, with the heat and humidity, and because of my injury almost two weeks ago. I decided to park myself right between the 10 and 12 minute pace. 
The shades didn't last long and what is up with my hand? 
The race started almost on time and we began with a lovely hill. My friends warned me so at least I wasn't surprised! I started with a great 10:00 pace but at the half mile mark a young girl, probably in her 20s, fell flat over and had a seizure! I was so scared for her, I stopped, and so did about ten others, to make sure she was safe. As soon as two racers identified themselves as EMTs I moved on, but I lost my mojo and had a hard time getting back my groove! 

The rest of the race was pretty typical. Hills, water stops, great spectators! The course was beautiful, and I liked running a night race! But boy oh boy was I hot!
I was hoping for a 35 minute race. It was hot and hilly and I was worried about my toe, so I was really expecting more like 40. 
I came in at just over 37. With my stop early on I probably lost about 90 seconds or more, so I am thrilled with that time! Ryan was at the finish and gave me high fives, he finished in about 19 minutes! Wow!
Ronnie came in about five minutes later.She  wasn't feeling really well but she powered through and finished well! I was so proud of her! No group photos but I did get one last selfie...

I am amazed that I am not dripping with sweat because I was soaked through. We grabbed our pizza and then hightailed it back to the car because a storm was coming in.
Holy heck, look at that sky! We made it to the car just in time. Ronnie and I drove home in quite a lot of rain but we made it in one piece!
I will definitely be doing this race again next year.
Have you ever done a night race?


  1. Well, it figures...another Jersey race, and I didn't see you. Haha. :( Todd and I were keeping an eye out for you, though!

    Glad you had a great time. I run this race every year. Mainly for the pizza and cookies...not gonna lie. ;) I struggled in the humidity, but the goodies and giveaways more than made up for it!

    How crazy was that storm?! I'm SO glad it held out long enough for people to finish the race, eat their pizza, and get the hell out of there. I hated to see runners falling; there was another girl down in the last mile, and one I heard passed out right before the finish line. Scary! Not ideal conditions for racing, that's for sure...I was feeling a little lightheaded by the end, too. Stupid summer! :(

    1. I knew you would be there, so I kept trying to find you, but there were SO many people! we lined up by the 12 minute sign, so you were way ahead of me! Glad yours went so well, and that you got to eat before the storm hit!