Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday, Pretty Muddy Official Photos Edition

SO, when we finished the race, there was a table set up by the photographer. If we paid $10 at the race, we could have every picture associated with our bib number in digital download! AWESOME!!! If we didn't, it would be $10 per picture once they became available. NO brainer! Shannon and I split the cost, so for a whopping five dollars, I got about 10 pictures! There were a couple with buddy and his mom, but I won't be posting them here. Check these out, though!

group photo after the cargo climb, the scariest obstacle by far!

he took about 5 of these!

one of the first obstacles, see the mud just under my feet? Also, notice how clean my face is....

Shannon pelted me with mud, right in the face!

I was about to call her a name, but then I noticed the little girls, and called her a witch instead!

post race photo op, check out our awesome medals!

look at my droopy tutu!

I had to wipe the mud off so they could see my bib number! 

Have you ever gotten a great deal on race photos?

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