Sunday, August 24, 2014

Asbury Park 5K Recap

WOW! I am so behind! I checked my blog calendar, and posted 3 times this month. Yikes!
Not being able to run regularly is KILLING me. I am finally seeing some healing, so it is totally worth it, but I am slowly dying inside. I kid you not. Anyone who has been injured before totally knows what I am talking about!
Besides some scattered races, I have gone on two training runs, each about 3 miles. They were okay, no real pain, a little post run soreness, pretty slow pace. The last one was more joyous, and closer to how I usually feel when I run! Progress!
SO, on August 9th I did the Asbury Park 5K for the second year. I love running in Asbury Park! The scenery is so varied, the crowds and volunteers are amazing, and Dave the Trumpeter is always there!  The race is a double loop, so I got to see Dave twice!
My little neighbor ran this race, and he had a great time. I love seeing little ones (okay he is like 10 or  12, so he isn't that little) getting into running!
Friday night I went to Asbury Park to pick up my bib and tee. All of the tees are tie dyed, but you have a better selection the night before. I was REALLY hoping for green. Green makes me smile. I had a hard time finding parking. It is a beach town, pickup was at the boardwalk, and the Stone Pony had a concert that night. UGH. I did manage to score a 15 minute parking spot. I crossed my fingers, hoped there was a short line....and ran into the Convention Hall.
Yeahhhh, they moved the pickup. If I hadn't been rushing, I might have noticed that they had a HUGE tent set up across the street!
I ran back over and got my bib and tee.

 I went back home to put out my flat mama for race day! I just recently got my new Swirlgear, and couldn't wait to test it out. What better race to wear tie dye capris than a tie dyed themed race?

I got up early the next day to get ready for my ride to the race. I love going to these races with friends, and the Duffy girls came over to pick me up. I was dressed, tatted up, and ready to go!

It was a hot day! We got there early enough for Cheryl to register, and for us to go to the bathrooms before the start. I was nervous about my foot, but I shouldn't have been! The first mile it was a little tender, but after that I barely noticed anything! It felt great! Sweaty. But great!
I was cruising along, feeling no pain, in my happy place. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I even managed to beat Cheryl to the finish, something I haven't managed more than maybe three times in the last three years!

Of course we took a post race selfie before we made our way to the food and drinks! Check out the dude between our heads. Could I have framed that better? I think not!

Same exact medal as last year. Race fail. Hopefully, they come up with a new one next year! Sheesh!

After the race, the hubs and I went to the mall for some retail therapy. The teenie has a trip to Disney coming up, and she will be singing on stage at Downtown Disney with her Theater Company. I wanted to get a new backpack, since my usual bag (with a phone charger built in) is no longer working! Off to Vera to save the day!
Best pattern ever!
Afterwards we ended the day with Lobster Fest, friends, and a sunset.
Not a bad end to the day! I set out my outfit for the Duathlon I was supposed to do the next day.

Didn't happen. DNS. I woke up to some throbbing in my foot and opted out. I am not taking any chances!!

What did you do this weekend to keep your body moving?

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