Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chickie's and Pete's 5K Race Recap

Last weekend, the hubs and I travelled about an hour south to Atlantic City to run the Chickie's and Pete's 5K. The hubs rarely actually runs with me, so this was a special treat! The sun rising as we approached Atlantic City, I couldn't resist a pic, anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I love sunrises and sunsets!

After we parked, we wandered around the Tropicana trying to find the restaurant. We didn't realize we needed to enter from the boardwalk, and the signage wasn't great, so we wandered for about 15 minutes! We finally figured it out and got our bibs, tees, and plastic cups. We went back to the car to stash our stuff and pin on our bibs.

Time for a selfie. The hubs kissed me at the last minute, so cute!

On our way back to the race start, we saw this sign. Can you think of a better way to celebrate chocolate? Yum! We will be there the week before for the half marathon, too bad the timing wasn't better!

Time for another selfie!

We walked out onto the boardwalk just in time to run the race! My email said 8:30, but the race actually started at 8:00! We walked right out into the second wave, and basically got pushed into starting early! NO problem! The entire course was an out and back on the boardwalk, which was nice. It wasn't too hot and the crowd thinned out almost immediately!

The water on the course was spaced perfectly, and we were totally hydrated enough, which was great! The hubs stayed with me the whole time, but pulled ahead for the last quarter mile and sprinted in. Jerk. He doers that every darn time, you would think I would learn! He beat me by about a minute!
I didn't have any foot pain, and I took it pretty easy and finished in just over 35 minutes!

We were given bottled water right away, which was nice, since it was pretty warm out. They also had mini Uber bars in a variety of flavors.

After we grabbed our water we headed down to the beach for some photos. The beer garden was down there, so it worked out well. My friend had me pick up her bag since she couldn't make it, so we had three beers! The hubs only wanted one so we passed the other two on to some people who were already in the garden. There was also a coupon for crab fries, so we gave them one of those as well. They were pretty happy!

Boat selfie.....

The hubs loves Yuengling, so he was happy with his free beer! The garden was set up for fun! They had live music, corn hole, frisbees, and beach balls scattered around.

I run 4 Bryce
 I am not a beer drinker, so while the hubs stood on the long line for our free crab fries, I went back into the Trop for some Starbucks Iced Tea Lemonade. LOVE! I cannot get enough, and this one was my twelfth, so my next one is free. Party!

I have never had crab fries, so I was interested in trying them out. You can get them with sauce, but it looked cream based, so I passed. The hubs got it with sauce, and loved it! I liked the fries a lot, but they were spicy, and it was about 9:00 in the morning, so I only ate about half. 

It was a fun way to start the weekend! We gambled a bit, I actually won a bit at the Beetlejuice Slot Machine, but I never know when to quit and basically ended up donating $20.  I love me some slot machines! We went back to the car, where I changed into my PJ pants and race tee for the drive home. I am becoming the master at quick changing under a towel! 

Yes, these are Christmas PJ pants, I wear them all year round, don't judge me ;)

This weekend will be a crazy fun race weekend! The teenie and I are doing the Color Run, and then on Sunday I might be doing a 14.2 mile "training run" in NYC. This will be the true test for my foot, to see if the Fall races are going to go well. I am hoping that my foot holds up well! I am still not running much between races, although I did do a three mile run the other day! I am excited to be easing back in!

Are you racing this weekend?

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