Friday, August 29, 2014

Flat Mama Friday

Tomorrow, the teenie and I will be running The Color Run with my friend and her niece! I am so excited! I spent part of the day making white tutus for us to wear!

I cut the tulle while I watched Big Brother!  I bought it on a spool so that I only had to cut the length! Soooo much easier! Probably a little more expensive, but it only came out to about $7 each! 

I make the tutus on the dining room chairs. It keeps them nice and taut while I work!

The tanks came from Target! I think they were $8 each. So excited!!!

Have you done the Color Run?


  1. I have not done the color run because I get way too competitive about runs, and want an official time/place. I do have hopes of one day getting over myself and doing it anyway, and if I do I will definitely follow your lead and do it in a white tutu, that's an awesome idea!

    1. I hear ya there, there is no timer at these things, although I have seen people sprint the whole thing. I do this with my kids, so it is all about having a good time :)