Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Color Run New Jersey Recap #Happiest5K

Today, the teenie and I got up wayyyyy too early and drove 45 minutes to Englishtown Race Track (they call it Old Bridge Race Track now, but it will always be Englishtown to me) for The Color Run!
***I was given free entries to the race in exchange for my review! As always, all opinions are my own!***

The last time I did The Color Run here, traffic was horrendous and we were late, so I made sure to get the opening wave and leave the house very early. SO smart! We cruised right in to the park. As soon as I saw the people directing us to the parking lot, I panicked! NO cash to pay for parking! No worries, though, because there was no charge. That's awesome!
The road to the parking lot was filled with these planes:

We got super lucky with parking, and we were two rows away from the entrance! Score! The Check-In line was super short, another bonus! We got our bibs, and then our swag bag (A messenger bag, tee, sweat band, bracelet, and tattoos). The teenie wanted knee socks and shades, so we hopped over to the merch tent next door. Oh, and a fanny pack, because I forgot to bring one of the 8 different ones I have at home!

Back to the car to dump our swag, change into our knee socks, and take the first of many selfies! Look at us, sporting our awesome sweat bands!

 We met up with Eileen and her niece, and went to hit the bathrooms before the race. The port potties were so neat and clean and the lines moved so fast! On our way to take our "before" pics, we saw the mascot pass us by, leading the conga line to the start.

It is the kaleidoscope tour, so we had to take some pics! They had a giant kaleidoscope with directions on how to take your pics!


how much do you love our chevron socks?

 Because we stopped to take before pics, we started a little late. Maybe 8:15 or 8:20, but no biggie, we were in no rush!
Bubbles at the Starting Line

First color: Pink! This is the only color where I missed the sign beforehand!

Next up, yellow:

Blue! I told them I wanted to look like cookie monster!

Purple! We asked a spectator to take our pic, but he stood really far back!

Teenie thought she looked like Sully!


my favorite! Just before the finish!

 Time to finish! They had confetti shooting out, and it covered the ground! Super cool!

After pics:
finish line seflie

Eileen's niece getting her with our bonus dye

 I loved that we got the dye as we crossed the finish line. We didn't have to carry it throughout the race, which was nice. At the finish we were given water bottles and KIND bars, coconut almond, which I am excited to try.  They also had some kind of ice cream bars, but you had to wait on line and fill something out, so we passed it by so that we could buy some funnel cake, the post race food of champions.

 more kaleidoscopes:


I have to say, this was the perfect race from start to finish. Everything ran smoothly, there was nothing that annoyed me at any time. The emcee at the start kept everyone engaged while they waited, there were no bottlenecks at any of the color stations, plenty of water on the course, great swag, the list goes on and on! I look forward to future events!

Did you race this weekend?


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I did the Color Run in Fall 2012 and would love to do it again :)

    1. it was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!

  2. OH my goodness!!!! This post made me so happy! great pictures, great vibe.... happy happy happy!!! I'd do a color run in a heartbeat now, AND, when I do Im getting a big white tutu like yours. :-) love it!

    1. thanks Cindie, the tutu definitely made it more fun!

  3. So glad you had a great race! I did the Color Run a few years ago, it was a blast. I'm in love with your socks, where did you get them?? I didn't race or run this wknd. :( Hopefully soon though!!

    1. the socks came from the merch tent, they were $10 a pair and they had a few different choices :)