Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Loving My New Swirlgear and Being a #swirlsister

As an Ambassador for Swirlgear, I get the skinny on new products a little earlier than many, and back in February we were able to pre-order the new line! I admit, I went a little hog wild!
I treated myself to a pair of capris, a new cap sleeved shirt in red, a long sleeved shirt (In race day grey, the color that I named in a contest!) and 2 tanks. I have not worn the long sleeved shirt yet, but I have worn everything else at least once!

I almost immediately wore this outfit for a 5K. The capris are a little loose, but not uncomfortably so, so I kept them. The tank, in Berry Good Run,  was a little baggy under the arms, but it never bothered me during that super sweaty 5K, and after one wash, was much better! The pants have a great pocket in the back of the waist band for your keys or money. The tank also has a pocket, but I haven't used it yet.
I did wear a Running Buddy during the race, and because the pants were a bit loose in the waist, it drooped a little, but enough to be annoying. The comfort level was SO high, that noting else mattered! It was a very sweaty 5K, and nothing stuck to me, it moved fluidly and felt amazing! I wear it every chance I get!

I also have the tank in All Over Spray Dye, and wear that about as often as I wear the Berry tank! They are definitely roomier than the cap sleeves, and many people have gone down a size, but I really love it the way it is!  It doesn't chafe, and it feels amazing!

I really cannot wait to wear my long sleeved shirt and my cap sleeve once the weather cools off! I am sure there will be an overabundance of photos once that happens! There are a few other pieces I hope to order in the future, once the weather cools off! Swirlgear offers free shipping on orders over $75!

Do you own any Swirlgear? What is your favorite piece?


  1. Nice Review ! I am a Swirlgear ambassador as well and love my gear! I too found that my tank the arm holes were a little big but fit better after it was washed and it feels great on! hey in Florida I will take all the air movement I can get!

    1. yikes! Jersey is bad enough, cannot imagine Florida right now!

  2. LOVE my all over spray dye. after wearing and washing it a couple of times the baggy under the arms seems way less noticeable. Fellow ambassador!

    1. YES! Loving mine more and more with each wash!