Monday, September 29, 2014

New Jersey Run for the Fallen

I was going to write about my first day on Cape Cod today, but a really amazing thing happened in my neighborhood on Sunday that absolutely cannot go without mention.

sorry about the extra iPhone info, I blew up my original pic and did a screen shot.

I was hobbling about on Sunday morning, all sore from running the half marathon on Cape Cod. The hubs was loading up his dirtbike so he could spend the day out in the woods with his friends. He came rushing in the house telling me to come outside quickly and see what was passing by the house!

It turns out that the New Jersey Run for the Fallen was passing right by our house at about 8:30. I had heard about this run but I hadn't realized it ran right past our house. The run, which is not a race, consists of a large group of soldiers taking turns running from Cape May to the NJ Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Holmdel, a process that took 3 days. 
I am quoting this part from their website:


Although we visibly run one mile to honor and remember each fallen hero from the current conflicts, the total run  represents every service member from New Jersey who laid down their lives for freedoms cause. Thousands have sacrificed to preserve our way of life and as you give tribute to  a particular hero please remember others who have given the ultimate sacrifice throughout history. New Jersey being rich in the foundation of this country has given many of her sons and daughters.

Regardless of war or conflict, branch of service or method of death, we ultimately run for them all, honoring their service and sacrifice, and remembering  that they each gave up a future so that we could have ours. We give tribute to them by name wherever possible and to the sacrifice of the families they left behind. 

Mission Statement:

"The New Jersey Run for the Fallen is an organization of runners and support crew whose mission is clear and simple: To run one mile for every New Jersey service member killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn. Each mile of sweat and pain and each flag saluted, is to pay homage to one service member’s life and their family.

The last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September, we run across New Jersey to raise awareness for the lives of those who fought and died, to rejuvenate their memories and keep their spirits alive, to support organizations that aid the families of those killed, and to aid in the healing process for the native New Jersey residents whose lives have been affected by the war. 

We refuse any political affiliation or agenda, but simply honor those who have fought, and those who have fallen under the American flag."
(Note...the above mission statement was written by MSGT Bubba Beason on 10/23/2010 whilst he was deployed in Afghanistan)

I can barely write this without tearing up. As a matter fact, I'm actually dictating this to my iPhone as I walk to pick up my car. I have to keep stopping to compose myself so that my iPhone will understand what I'm saying! It was the most breathtakingly beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.
The first few pictures I posted were actually the advance team, which drove ahead of the runners, I think to make sure the roads were clear and that they have everything they need as they make their way north. Then came the runners, surrounded by more motorcycles, police cars from all over the state, and RVs filled with more people.

Everyone who ran by or drove by, waved or said hello to us as we sat and watched. It was surely a sight to behold and definitely something I will never forget. Something none of us should ever forget it. We should remember to take a little time every day to think of those soldiers who gave all.

To sponsor or donate to the organization, click here.
To read more about the brave men and women who ran this past weekend, click here.
To stalk their faecbook page, and see more photos, click here.

*****I wrote this post because the event and the organization touched my heart. They have no knowledge (at least not yet, I am going to let them know, in case there is anything they want removed or added), and I am receiving nothing for posting this.*****


  1. I've never heard of this before!! Very cool

    1. I hadn't heard of it either, so amazing!

  2. What a beautiful and moving event. How amazing that you got to witness such an inspiring thing.

    1. It was amazing! I am so glad that I caught it!