Monday, September 15, 2014

ROC Race 5k recap

Saturday morning, the hubs and I left a little early to drive to Brooklyn for the ROC Race. Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge!

 The sky was looking a little ominous! We didn't hit any traffic until we got to Flatbush Avenue, but even that moved quickly.
We were directed to a spot pretty quickly, and we started to get out of the car but we were then told to leave that lot and move to the main lot. I was annoyed at first, but we ended up parking three cars in from the event! Score!
Packet pickup was fast and organized, I breezed through and then we went to the car to wait for Gigi and her friends!

Once everyone was assembled we took the obligatory before pictures!

We were quite the motley bunch! We entered the chute for our wave. And then we waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Our noon wave started just shy of 1:00. 
SO frustrating!

We finally started our wave and ran to he first obstacle, tightrope walk! What fun we had! I will never remember the order of the obstacles, but I will remember the Tarzan Swing for sure! It was one of the first few, and the one where I jammed my middle finger. It swelled right up and still hurts! Ouch!

The Giant Balls were fun! I failed epically but it was still fun! Very few of our group of 14 made it very far and I think only one got to the end! 
There were lots of fun obstacles and we started each obstacle together! Many of us ran from one obstacle to the next, some walked, some did a little of both. It was awesome!
There were slides, a slip and side, walls to climb, balance beams, monkey bars, and the giant ball swing. This was near the ends and the two balls swing like pendulums and you have to try and avoid them. I fell right in, a few of our team made it more than halfway! According to the scantily clad emcee only 5% make it across! Crazy!
The final obstacle was a super high water slide! It was crazy scary fun! While the team made their way through it, I ran to the medical tent for ice. They were super funny guys, and good sports when I showed off my social finger injury!
We all posed for our finisher photo and then ran to the starting area where the foam was.
These photos are by Gigi and random strangers helping us out! 
Running besties!!

My favorite picture!!

Group finisher photo!

Overall it was an amazing time! The volunteers were awesome! There was music on the course and some obstacles had emcees which was fun!
The tube slide was really fun, and one of my favorites!
I cannot wait to see the official photos!
The wait at the start was frustrating, but we did very little waiting at obstacles. Only a few had lines! That was a nice bonus.
I felt rushed at the ball swing, but I doubt I would have done well regardless, so it's no biggie!
I would definitely recommend this race to friends and families!
Other than my silly jammed finger, I have very few bruises. Score!

What is your favorite obstacle race?

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