Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Gigi and I hit the expo at about noon on Saturday.

We had entirely too much fun at all of the booths! They had Wheels of fortune at a lot of the booths so that you could win prizes!

We got those reusable bags from Geico! 

Gigi won a phone case! 

There was a lot of swag to be had! Eileen arrived and we left to have lunch and then Gifgi went back to her room and we went to ours.

We walked around the Broad Street area and found this delicious cupcake store where of course we had to have a cupcake. Then we went back to the hotel to wait for Colleen so that we can all go to the Melting Pot for dinner.

After that it was bed time so that we were rested for the race! 

We met Gigi and her friends at the Love Sculpture for some photo ops.

It was SO humid out, and we hoped it would burn off quickly! 

We strolled to the start and took a LOT if selfies. Sad but true.

And then we all separated. Gigi and her friends were in corral 23 and were going to be taking their time. Colleen stayed with us until the start and then she ran ahead. Eileen and I had a goal of 2:45. We went to our corral and noticed that no one was even checking. There were corral 23 peeps in corral 10 so we walked to 16, which was 2 ahead of me, and settled there.

We decided to run the first five miles without stopping and then we would run/walk after that. It was hot, humid, and I am sorely out of shape after my 6 week haitus due to injury!

I love the scenery at this race! I wish I had taken more pics but I was concentrating on not dying out there! At around mile 7 I remembered Mr Incredible from two years back and hoped he would be there again!

Love him! I also remembered the bridge. It is at mile 9 or so, and it's so beautiful. I have a thing for bridges!

 We stopped for a bridge selfie, too.....

Crossing that bridge meant that the race was almost over! I was glad because I was exhausted. My legs were tired and my feet hurt. I was so ready to be done.

Almost done! The last 5k was mostly a repeat from Saturday's race. Which meant that hill again. Ugh. The mile 12 water stop had ice in the water though. That was sweet. I made those cubes last!
And then we were done! We didn't hit our goal but we came close.... 2:52 which made me happy. I haven't finished under 3 hours in awhile, so this progress was nice.

This was just about all there was at the finish. There was some bland cereal, and Power Bars, but they had mint chocolate which I don't care for.
I hobbled over to medical to ice my foot, mostly preventative, a little soreness.

I got my bonus medal and we headed back to the hotel.

Overall I love this race! The expo is great, the scenery is amazing, but the food at the finish was a disgrace! I am hoping for better at future RNR events! 

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