Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rock n Roll Philly 5k

On Friday night I drove to Philly at the last minute so that I could run the Rock n Roll Philly 5k with Gigi. I parked in the Convention Center parking lot, thanks to panda, and headed right to the expo to register for the 5K.
The registration process was superquick, and before long I had both of my bibs, my cheesy plastic backpack, and my tech shirts. 

I walked over to the Marriott where Gigi had her room, and we hung out for a little while until it was time to go to Chinatown for dinner.

After an amazing dinner at Rangoon we walked around Chinatown for a little while and then headed back to the parking garage to grab my stuff.

We got up at about 6:30 for the 5k, and were out the door by about 7:00. We walked the 1.5 miles to the start and stopped for some pics.

The race would start at Eakin's Oval and run towards the zoo and back. Not a super exciting course, but not bad either! The race started on time and we started about 6 minutes after the elites.

The runners spread out quickly and were running in the lane made for the return trip. Someone was riding his bike along the course and trying to get people to stay to the left, but he was pretty much ignored! Of course, when the fasties came before we even hit mile one, the truck leading them was honking and the men were waving and people finally moved over. The winning men finished under 14 minutes and I believe the lead woman was about 18 minutes! Wow!
After the turn around I snapped a few more pics. I was taking my time because I knew I had to run 13.1 the next day! At one point, the road was quite slanted, and it made for some uncomfortable running, but it didn't last long!

I finished in just over 36 minutes, noting the hill at the end, and knowing that I would feel so much worse on Sunday!

The only  food at the finish was a lot of bananas which I cannot eat! I ended up buying peanut butter sliders from the food truck by the bag check. I was disappointed in there lack of food! We were told that there were pretzels, but non were to be found!
We walked back to the hotel to shower and hang out before it was time to really hit the expo!

I will write about the expo in my next post!!

Have you done a race weekend challenge?

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