Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Traveling to Cape Cod for the Zooma Half Marathon

The day started off with me dropping my Fitbit into the toilet.
I turned to the hubs and said I hope that this has nothing to do with how my day is going to end. I had a 5 Hour drive ahead of me and I hope that this was not a sign of things to come.
Next, my boy said he wasn't feeling well, that his chest hurt and he didn't want to go to school. Lovely. 
I thought for sure that I was going to miss my weekend on Cape Cod with my friends, but my husband jumped in and told me not to worry that he would handle everything.
It was almost an hour later than planned when I finally hit the road for Cape Cod.

The drive to Cape Cod is pretty boring. You spend the entire time on 95, and it seems like you are looking at the same trees for almost the entire five hours. I did stop at the Mystic Seaport overlook to stretch my legs.

A lot of my trip was divided into which cool bridge I crossed next. I have a thing for bridges. Don't judge me.

Luckily, I hit very little traffic on my way to Cape Cod. The only real traffic I hit was the final bridge onto the Cape itself.

Once I got onto Cape Cod it wasn't long before I arrive at the Seacrest Beach Hotel where my friends were waiting for me. They were out walking on the beach when I arrived but they had picked up my stuff at the expo for me to save me some time.

What great swag! That shirt is so comfy and the hat looks awesome although I haven't tried it yet. The socks are by far my favorite as they are the only brand I wear. I went down to check out the expo while I waited for the girls to come back from their walk. It was very small and they did not have the one thing I needed which were earbuds that I had left at home, but they did have pretty much everything else!
The girls arrived and we hung out at the room until it was time to have dinner at Red's, the hotel restaurant. Our table had a great view!

While we waited for our runner specials to come out, I checked my Instagram and found out that a pic I posted of my swag won a Zooma Instagram contest. Score! 
Our dinner was amazing!

The portions were huge and we all ended up taking some back to the room! Carol Ann wanted to rest her knee, but I needed some steps, so Eileen joined me for a walk on the beach.

I couldn't get enough pics!

I probably took 50 pictures!

I stopped back at the expo to get my prize for the Instagram contest, which was this awesome headband from Bani Bands. Then Eileen and I headed over to the Honest Tea Mocktail Party.
cucumber lemon lime, yum!

Is there possibly a better end to a day? After the party we turned in early so that we would be in our best for the race on Saturday morning. 

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?