Wednesday, October 15, 2014

21 Day Fix and Planning for 2015

Wow, I cannot believe I am already planning races for Fall 2015! It's very important to me that I follow my marathon training, so it is also important that I don't register for a short race on a long run day. I know that many people will do the short race and then run extra miles afterwards, but I have not been successful with this yet, so I am not planning anything short on my long run days!
I also hope to avoid too much overnight travel. It is so expensive, and the teenie starts college next fall! Oh my heck, where did the time go?
My calendar is shaping up nicely, and I should be adding two or three new states to my map of half marathons! 

I will be adding Delaware and Ohio, plus maybe one or two more New England states. Maybe. I still have to check my calendar, and my training plan, for good race weekends!
I will be updating the race calendar page soon. I spilled water on my lap top so I am sharing with the boy, which limits my use!

I have started the 21 day fix. I am mostly following the food plan, and have done the first three days of workouts so far! The Cardio Fix killed me, especially since i was still sore from the bicycle scavenger hunt! 
On Tuesday I did  Upper Body which wasn't too terrible. I also ran four miles and walked all over creation and ended the day with 20,000 steps.
Today I did Lower Body Fix.

It was very painful, and I modified some of it, but still got a killer workout! My calves are still very tight, but walking around every little while is helping to loosen them!
Three weeks until Disney, and the Wine and Dine half marathon!
Have you ever done the 21 Day Fix?

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  1. I love to run 5k races so I do add miles after to do my long runs. I have a 10 miler in a week so we'll see if it has worked.