Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

Last night the hubs and I participated in a bicycle scavenger hunt at our Beach Club. We invited his sister and her boyfriend to round out our team of four. It was for fun, not fundraising for anything, so it was only $10 per team to participate.

There were about 50 people taking on the challenge so we weren't really thinking of winning at all, just wanting to have a little fun and get some exercise.
We were given our packet, which had pages of pictures to take, videos to make, items to find, and hidden business cards to locate.
You could also spy on the other teams and if they separated, and you had proof, it was worth extra points.
We had two hours.
Our original plan was to find the business cards, but once we got to two locations and missed getting the card we focused on the videos. 
They were mortifying, embarrassing, and basically had us running to local businesses all over town and do silly things. On video.
Did I mention it was mortifying?
We also took some amazing photos.

So exciting!

The hubs and I did this one. Impressive, right?

Finding a house number with a five and a seven is harder than you imagine.

We were supposed to do this at Walgreens but we got creative.

Moonlight at the end of the race.

The only awkward moment? The lady at the Dollar Tree did not like so many teams coming into the store and she called the cops. For real. The poor guy had to tell us to behave better next time but you could just tell he didn't really think we did anything wrong. After he lectured all of the teams, they tallied the points.
I was totally shocked when we won second place! It was super exciting I must say, and we each got a gift card to Dunkin Donuts. 
We all had a really great time, laughed way too much, embarrassed ourselves, and easily covered about five miles during the challenge. 
Have you ever done a scavenger hunt?

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  1. a bunch of us did one in NYC for a friends birthday one year. It was a great time!!