Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five Miler

It's amazing how much you miss a good run when you have been injured! Two months of sporadic pain, and another month easing back into it, and I can finally say that I am running without pain!

I love the view at mile one! 

Same time, but looking to the right!

I ran five miles today, and although they weren't super speedy, they were pain free! A few aches and pains several hours later but nothing some ice after work won't fix. Honestly, I think it was the three trips up and down some stairs that brought on the aches!
I am finally enjoying my runs again, and look forward to marathon training this Spring!

I love the reflection of my phone in the watch face!
I will not be racing this weekend, unless you count the bicycle scavenger hunt I will be doing at our Beach Club on Saturday night! We will be riding all over town, so it will be quite a workout. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share on Sunday. 
Next weekend is the Atlantic City Marathon but I bumped down to the Half since I couldn't properly train.
I hope everyone that is racing stays healthy and has fun!

Are you racing this weekend?

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