Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monster Dash 5k

Today was part one of my Wine and Dine costume test. I love running this race, it's my fourth year, and the weather couldn't have been better.

The race starts and ends on the boardwalk in the town next door, and is nice and flat, just the way I like it!
We got there early because the hubs decided to join me last minute and needed to register. While he registered, I got in line for a photo op.

I wish I had taken off my shades, though!
I ran into some friends before the race....

What a mess my wig was in!

Wow, I'm short!
Time to begin. We started by running south on the boardwalk, which is the opposite direction it usually runs. After we exited the boardwalk we ran through town, along the canal, and back to the boardwalk for the finish. There was one water stop, which was just fine because it was very cool out and I didn't really need it sooner.
As we finished the last quarter mile, the spectators were amazing! Lots of cheering and support. At the finish, they had water bottles, oranges and bananas, and bagel halves. They also give you free lunch so we had burgers, fries, and pizza. Score!
Then we stopped at a local donut shop and used one of our race coupons for a but one get one deal.

Luckily, we had a half cord of firewood delivers and we had to haul and stack it from the front yard to the back. Can't hurt to burn some extra calories!

My race time was 32:24, the best time I have had in a long while, especially after my summer injury.
I have another 5k tomorrow, the Trick or Trot, where I will test out my Pocahontas costume.

Will you race in costume this weekend?

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