Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Planning My Next Marathon

I was devastated to have to cancel my Fall Marathon this year due to injury. My friends all rocked it out, and in addition to being so very proud of them all, I was also just a wee bit jealous!
Okay, full on wicked witch green with envy!
I decided to start planning my next marathon, which I will run next October in Delaware. Not only does it look like a lot of fun, it also benefits the Wounded Warrior Fund, so how can I go wrong?
I have made out my training plan already, and will start training in March. Sooooo far away, but it gives me time to plan next year's races, so that I don't miss any long runs!

I purchased the marathon training plan for my failed attempt through Run the Edge, and basically copied it into a new journal. At first, I planned to just white out my training entries, but I got more than halfway through, so that wouldn't have worked!

It looks like RuntheEdge.com is having a sale today, now I am tempted to buy a whole new one! Hmmmmm.....

I really love this plan and I look forward to following It to the end this year!
I also plan to use my lovely lime green Paceband along the way! I chose the one for a 5:30 marathon, although I would totally settle for a 6:00 marathon, and would love to finish sub 5:30. These will be my three goals for race day!

Are you planning any big races for 2015?


  1. looks like a fun race...I have a half in January in Fla and maybe another in May in NH.

    1. ooooooh I love NH, I hope to run there some fall when the leaves are changing!