Monday, October 6, 2014

Race for the Cure, a DNS

Sunday was the Race for the Cure at Six Flags. It would have been my fifth but I woke up with such horrible stomach pains that I stayed home.
The teenie went with her school friends and did the walk, and she picked up my tee for me.
I don't believe in wearing shirts I haven't earned, so this morning I did my own virtual Race for the Cure. I didn't wear the tutu though, sorry!
It was a perfect day, and I loved every mile!

Best one mile marker ever! I got a surprise there, too:

Score! I had to stop for a selfie as well. I need to learn to lift my chin!

Had to salute my boys for winning last night! 
That first mile was my fastest mile, but it was definitely one of my best runs in awhile. 

Most of my runs have been at least a minute slower per mile! My foot had no pain, and I have noticed it cramps up less, and there hasn't been any pain at the end of the night! I'm trying not to get too excited, but it feels like I am finally on the mend. 

I earned my shirt, too, which makes me happy!


  1. :( Sorry you weren't feeling well but way to get it done on your own time! I'm doing the Biggest Loser event at Great Adventure next month and I'm really looking forward to it - I've never done an event there before.

    1. Thanks! I will be running that race as well, with my daughter! I cannot wait, BL puts on a pretty good race!