Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beauty and the Beach Five Miler

Today was the Beauty and the Beach Five Miler.
Oh, and a Nor'Easter is coming through the Jersey Shore.

The hubs got me my swag on Thursday, so I wouldn't have to get there too early today. It was a 9:30 start, which I loved. Nothing like a nice, slow morning, with no rushing around!
I was ready for the weather, or so I thought!

I even had throw away gloves, and i ended up wearing a cap instead of a headband, and added a windbreaker.
I left with plenty of time, in case I couldn't find parking. I was glad that I did, because the GPS brought me to the wrong end of Long Branch! I finally parked and waited about 15 minutes before I left for the Porta potties.

Yesterday's weather showed a break in the rain, but today's forecast changed a bit...

Add winds that were just under 20 mph and it was a perfect running day!
I hung out in the tents with almost 1000 of my closest new friends until the race was about to start.
I managed to find my friends just before it started and we took this selfie. It kinda stinks because my phone was in a ziploc to keep it dry.

The race began and we started running north along the ocean, before turning away to run along a local park. We turned back and ran south along the ocean, passing the start around mile two, and looping back again just after mile three. The wind was bad whenever we ran north. Basically the beginning and end. It was nice to run along the ocean and see the waves crashing, but I ran with my head down and barely saw much else! The rain actually pelted down, and almost felt like sleet! 
Time for some TMI boys. Around mile two, the curse that I thought was over came back! Yuck. I was very uncomfortable after that, and couldn't wait to be done!
I finished well, considering the weather!

I got my swag, and just as I was heading for the tent, a runner face planted right next to me. I don't think she saw the curb! I gave her my gloves to put on her mouth since it was bleeding and her  friends took her to first aid. I hope she's okay!

I wish I had taken a picture of the food they had! Bagels, apples, bananas, donuts, chocolates, water. It was amazing! 
I rushed back to my car so I could change, only to find that I left my spare clothes at home! Fail!
I had to drive home wet and cold and  sitting on a Neat Sheet to keep my seat clean. Yay.
I'm finally showered and warm, and the hubs made homemade chicken soup so I'm a happy camper now!
Tomorrow is the Biggest Loser 5k, which should be dry, but still cold. 
I better get new throw away gloves!

Have you ever run a race in extreme weather?


  1. Oh, wow. That's crazy! I hope tomorrow's race weather is a little kinder.

    As of yet, I haven't had to deal with that kind of weather! It came close a few weeks ago when there was a torrential downpour right before the Marine Corps Half, but it cleared up in time to run.