Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Ready for the Holiday Season

Today is the start of two challenges I joined in the hopes of decreasing my waistband instead of increasing it! I would even settle for maintaining it!

Holiday Sweat is an exercise and healthy eating challenge. You get points based on exercise, water intake, and freggies. I never win the points contest, but I have gotten a couple prizes from the drawing over the last few years of this challenge.

Elf 4 Health is a healthy habits challenge. Each day you tackle a healthy challenge, such as meatless Monday or Meal
Planning. You are assigned a fellow elf for each of the two week periods to help motivate you, and you in turn motivate them. Another one I have done the last several years!

I started today with the best of intentions. I did PiYo lower body and intended to either run if weather permitted or do another DVD. 

I need a pedicure! 
I did the PiYo, and had breakfast. While I was eating, I got several startling emails. Someone hacked my starbucks account and used the reload feature to steal $300 in three $100 increments before PayPal stopped them from continuing. Instead of working out again, I spent the next hour on the phone with Starbucks and PayPal, and the hubs called out bank, to make sure we were protected.
No second workout!
I did walk to work though, and will walk a bunch more before the day is over, to burn some more calories.

Because of after work commitments, I may not get in that second dvd, but so far I have managed to avoid eating my emotions, which is normally what I would do!
Score points for me!

Please be hyper aware of your finances this holiday season! Thieves are hoping you will be too busy, and spending lots of money, so that you won't notice that they are robbing you! 

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