Thursday, November 20, 2014

Loving the new Influenster App

I must be living under a rock! I spent the last couple months without a laptop, when the cat spilled water on my Mac and fried it. The hubs just bought me an early Christmas gift, and Acer Touchscreen laptop, and I am finally finding some great new things out.
Such as the Influenster App!

Now, I know there is an app for everything, but it never occurred to me that Influenster had an app! They also got a facelift, and added some great new ways to save!
I was so excited that I immediately uploaded it and added it to my Rewards board on my phone. Yes, that is Morgan on there from her performance in Disney. I'm a proud mama. Don't judge me.

There are now VoxPerks, and I had about 6 of them. Great ways to save on things you were probably about to pay full price for!

 You can see all of your badges, from Lifestyle badges, to Campaign badges!

I love having apps for everything, and Influenster is certainly no exception! It makes it easier to hook yourself up with some great VoxBoxes, like the Cosmo VoxBox, which has been my favorite to date!

Another bonus is the challenges that involve taking pictures of products while you are the store. I always forget what the product is while I am at the store, so I don't snap the pic, and I don't get the badge. Blogger fail. With the app, everything you need is right there. Score!

I plan to make the most of this app in the future!

Are you an Influenster? Do you have the app yet?

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  1. I signed up, did a couple of things but that was it. I dont get it really. LOL