Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#SweatHardSmellGreat with WIN Detergent #giveaway

****I was provided with two bottles of WIN detergent in order to facilitate this review. As usual, all opinions are my own! Special thanks to FitApproach for hooking me up, as part of my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship!****

I was very excited to receive this detergent when I did. It arrived in late October, which usually wouldn't really be important. One would think that Sports Detergent would be more effective in the summer months. Not so much, though! I had been noticing that my sports bras smelled fine when I put them on, but as soon as I started to sweat, some residual stank would appear. No, that is not a typo. Using the word stink just doesn't seem enough in this case. It was nasty.
I would come home and immediately rip my sports bra off, getting even more grossed out.
WIN detergent gets rid of the stank. No lie. It is a glorious thing.
Fast forward to Wine and Dine.

If you read my review, or anyone's for that matter, you know how wet we all got. I took my clothes and put them into my race bag, rolled it up and stuffed it in my suitcase. For four days.

 Stanky? For sure. It had a very special kind of smell. But not anymore.
WIN won't just help you in the summer months, either. You know how winter running goes. You put on your super warm pants, your running shirt, your running jacket, and your warm cap. And then you sweat. Profusely. You don't really care at the time, because sweat basically means you are finally warming up, but when you get home and you peel those layers off, the stank is there!
I am not much of a gym goer, but I have joined in years past to get in my miles when the weather is too cold. It is warm and toasty, and you sweat like mad! Definitely not something you want lurking in your gym bag!

WIN is generously offering one of my readers two bottles of detergent to try out for themselves! One bottle of regular, and one green! You don't want to miss this chance! The giveaway will run until November 25 and I will announce the winner after the Holiday weekend, if not a little sooner.
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Want to place an order now? The code WINGIVE1 will get you $1 off until December 15th. Stock up now for those winter runs!

Below is an affiliate link, I'm not gonna lie. If you are anything like me, you like to shop through Amazon.com as often as possible. It's Prime, too! Bonus.

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