Sunday, December 28, 2014

Polar Bear Run 5k and a Yoga Challenge

Today I started my day with a new 30 day challenge. Rather than waiting until a Monday or the first of the month, I jumped right in and began this morning.

Day 1 was a 20 minute workout focusing on your hips. It was glorious! As a runner, my hips need lots of stretching! I cannot wait to find out what day 2 will bring!

Afterwards, I did some laundry and then got dressed for the Polar Bear Run. 

I was signing up last minute, and it was a beautiful day, so I wanted to be sure I got there early enough to score a tee with my registration!

It was cloudy, and I worried about rain, but it was warm, so I couldn't be too picky! The hubs and I hung out in the car until it was close to start time and then met up with the girls for a potty break.

Time for the race! The hubs ran part of it with me, which was fun, but my lack of running for the last few weeks, added to my forgetting to drink enough water beforehand, did not make for a great race! It never really rained, which was nice, but I didn't finish as well as I would have liked!

Cheryl and I stopped for a final post race selfie before heading to the after party to see if any of us placed.

Cheryl and Makela came so close! 4th in their age group, both of them! Rock Stars!
It wouldn't be a trip to Asbury Park without having Mogo and Confections of a Rockstar....

Perfect day for my final race of 2014! Well, maybe my last, there is one on NYE that I'm considering!

Do you have any more races in 2014?

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