Saturday, December 6, 2014

Walking around Philadelphia

Today we are in Philadelphia so the teenie can audition for college. :::::sniffsniff::::: 
The hubs and i planned to walk around while we waited but it's raining so we didn't do as much as planned!

Sucker for a bridge photo.

I love City Hall!

The ceiling in the Gersham Theatre.

Inside City Hall.


Macy's does a whole light show. For real. Everyone just sits and watches. It was insane.

I believe.

Omg the hubs bought me these. They are made for runner mamas with thick calves. Bonus!

Come in, and know me better man!

Almost there!

Okay Santa was like five. He was a good sport though. Beautiful suit! They didn't push the photo op either! Nice!

Have you been to see Santa yet?

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