Thursday, January 1, 2015

Believe 2015: Journalling

I love journals.
I could write in them all day!
I usually have two journals at all times, one for running and one for my food journal. I use an app, nut I find that if I don't also write it down, I am not as careful about my food and exercise! I have gone through a lot of different journals, searching for just the right one. I hate when it doesn't have enough space, or has too much space, or spaces I will never use.
I was introduced to a great journal by a fellow blogger, called the Eat Well, Sweat Often Journal. Sara sent me a pdf to print out, so I didn't have the awesome spiral bound book that you can purchase using the link above, but that didn't stop me from using it!

I love visual aids, so having the water glasses to color in was a treat. The spaces are just right for my use, and at $8.95 a journal, the price is right as well. Her journals are so great that they are available next on January 15th, so if you order one, be patient.
From Sara's website:

Product Description

Keep track of your workouts, your meals, how much water you’re drinking and how much sleep you’re getting — all in one place! Meal plan and grocery list pages, a weekly fitness schedule, 4 weeks of daily log pages and a place to keep track of your goals.
Start each day with a quick tip or word of encouragement. Learn how to improve your overall health, clean up your diet, fit fitness into your busy schedule, stay motivated, and reach your goals!
We’re awaiting a new shipment of books. All orders will ship by January 15, 2015.

Another journal I use is the Believe journal. This journal will take you through the whole year, with weekly pages to keep track of workouts and mileage.

There are pages in the front for your monthly tallies, goals, and some helpful tips for new journalists.The back of the journal has space for race day plans, goals, and reviews. The only Con about this journal is that it isn't spiral bound. I do love me some spiral bound books. The cover is fabulous, however, and conveniently has my word for 2015 shouting loud and proud on the front!

Do you journal? What do you use, and what do you record?

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