Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Running With Your Dog, Hipster Leash Review

****** I was provided with the Hipster Leash in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own!******
Let's start with the appearance! I LOVE lime green. It makes me smile. It is very durable, and the black part is elastic, so it stretches. The large pocket in the front could hold smaller phones, but my iPhone 5C did not fit well with its cover on. If I remove the cover (which I won't do, I'm a klutz!) it will fit though. There are two side pockets. The one on your right has a netted bag that can pull out to hold your poop bags, treats, ball, etc. On your left is another zipper pocket, perfect for keys or spare cash.
The leash attaches on either side, which I love! Depending on where you are running, that will be important! I never let my dog on the outside when we walk on the street, I don't want her to be able to run out in front of a car! I always keep her between me and the side of the road. Make sense?
On the sidewalk I don't have to worry, however, because she never jumps down into the street. Bonus.
When I ran with the Hipster Leash, I noticed a few things right away. It is super comfy. I have big hips and a tiny waist so not everything fits me well. This was very comfortable, and I had no problems running with it. That being said, you wouldn't want to attach a dog that wasn't properly trained. That can go totally sideways and you, or your pup, could get hurt! Because the band is elastic, when the pup pulls, which all pups are known to do, it is very uncomfortable. It pulls on the elastic which isn't so great for people with low back issues. When we used it with our Corgi (no pics, blogger fail) we didn't have that issue because he NEVER pulls. Our little Nugget? She's a puller.

A few facts....
  • No-slip, elastic waistband contours to body, and fits waist sizes 31-47
  • Two pockets with reverse coil zippers for carrying essentials
  • Attached mesh pouch collapses and stores inside its own pocket - ideal for carrying a tennis ball or treats
  • Dual D-rings for right side and left side leash attachment
  • Woven leash with dual clips included, leash is about 5 feet long

Running aside, my teenie likes this leash when she walks the dog. Why? Hands free texting. For real, she can walk the dog and still use her phone. Sad, but true. In that respect, though, if you are walking the dog with your toddler in tow, this is a great way to get it done! Who doesn't need more hands?

I am really enjoying the Hipster Leash, and Nugget loves that she gets to run. Every time we use it, she gets better at not pulling, so there is hope for her yet! You can check out the Hipster Leash on Amazon, as well, and they have other great products for your pups! It comes in other colors as well, so if lime green doesn't make you as happy as it makes me, you can get it in another color!

Do you ever run with your pup?


  1. nice review..... your comment on how the pocket was too small for your phone jogged my memory and brought up a question for you........ where do I find jogging pants that have deep enough and big enough pockets for my phone? I dont have lots of money and usually buy my jogging pants at walmart but dog gonnit there are NO POCKETS in most of their work out gear!!!!!!! I went running once in my new pants purchased at walmart but there was no pocket in them so I had to run without a phone. On that particular night I guess I hadn't eaten well enough cause my blood sugar crashed and I almost fainted on the road. I had to go to a complete strangers house and ask to user her phone for a ride home. anyway all that to say, where are the good, unexpensive, running pants with pockets????

    1. hmmmmm, I run with a Running Buddy, it uses magnets to attach to your shorts, there is a link in my sidebar. The only running pants I have with pockets big enough for a phone are my LuLuLemons (sooooooo expensive, a splurge that the hubs made for me) and my Sparkle skirts. These are also on the spendy side. If you get a running buddy, or a flip belt, you can use it with all your shorts though.