Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Race Calendar.... So Far!

Putting together my race calendar is always so much fun! There are just so many to choose from, that sometimes you have to make decisions between races, skip races, try new races, keep doing some of the same old races. You know how it goes!
Here are some of the races I have already registered for in 2015.....

Train-ing Run. This is an unofficial, untimed race. You take the train for the distance you want to run back. There is beer and pizza and a tee when you get back.
Asbury Park Train Run at Johnny Mac's

E Murray Todd Half Marathon. This race is always frigid and it is super hilly. It is our way of starting back up. It never ends well. Last year it snowed. We lived. This year they will have bling! The tee is always long sleeved and comfy. I *just* put last year's tee in a quilt, I couldn't stop wearing it, and that is rare.

Rock n Roll DC. I ran this a couple years ago, it is a beautiful course with a couple challenging hills. We are staying an extra night to visit the museums.

I was supposed to run the Kilt Run, but just like last year, something else came along that peaked my interest. Last year, it was the 13.1NY with Gigi, Kaseedee, and company. This year, it is the Sleepy Hollow Half with Gigi. That girl is a bad influence! I will spend the whole race looking for this guy....

For my birthday weekend, I will be in Philly with all of my running besties! It will be the best weekend ever! Hot Chocolate 15K, and loads of fun!

Not being one to break tradition, I will be doing the April Fool's half marathon in Atlantic City. To make it a little more interesting this year, Eileen and I have signed up to do the Jester.... which means we will run the 11K the day before, and score a sweet Jester hat.

Another tradition for me is Runapalooza. My first year running I volunteered at this race, and the last two years I ran it. I also met my Disney running bestie Colleen for the first time the year I volunteered.

Ahhhhhh Long Branch Half Marathon. I have volunteered twice at the expo, run it three times. It was my first ever half marathon! Next year, I might go for the full

before the race 2014
Super Hero Half. This will be year three. Still deciding on a costume. Last year I dressed as a soldier. Nobody got it. I think the pink camo threw them off. This year, I am thinking policeman, but I am not sure.

Spring Lake Five. This will be my fourth year. There are over 10,000 runners and it is crazy hard to get into. It sells out halfway through the first day! I got up at 5 am to sign up for this thing!

Spartan Sprint, Tuxedo NY. Team Motley Shues. I.Can't.Wait. The only thing better than doing an obstacle race is doing it with the Shues.

Father's Day 5k. I do this every year. It runs right past my house, and the last several years it has been dedicated to my friend's brother who lost the battle with Melanoma. I will run this race forever.

Firecracker Five, another tradition. It is always crazy hot, and the last two years it rained, but it is the perfect way to start the Fourth of July off!

Via Half Marathon. We ran this last year, but Gigi and I were both injured so it was slow going. It was SO much fun, though, and we are going back to kick some butt!

Adams County Half Marathon. Ohio. Little basket-like  medals. Need I say more?

Steamtown Marathon. This was not planned. Gigi is the devil. But it is part one of my road to double agent status.

Delaware Monster Mash Marathon. Part two. Double Agent. PLUS I am running in honor of my Dad and fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy . I will be dressing up as a police officer or a hunter in his honor. Probably a cop, involving wither a tutu or a sparkly skirt. Duh.

Jingle Jungle 5K. Because I am there, and I like to run/walk with my PbRC friends.

Why am I there? For Wine and Dine. You would think that last year I would have learned my lesson. Friends renamed it Splash n Dash. It was wet and cold. My friend Shannon wants to go back, and I have to be supportive, right?

Well, that is it so far. I am sure there will be plenty more. I can think of several already, but I don't know when they will be, so I can't add them in yet! I would love to another Biggest Loser 5K, if they come back to Six Flags. There are some Halloween ones that are done locally. The list goes on and on!

Will I see you at any of these races? I hope so!


  1. Great list. I am running the asbury park half. Hope we can meet up.

    1. I will look for you! It's not a huge race, so I might actually find you~