Thursday, February 19, 2015

Girls Gone Sporty Breakaway Boot Camp

A little over a month ago I had the opportunity to try out Laura Williams' Breakaway Boot Camp. Laura is the founder of Girls Gone Sporty, and produced this amazing program in her studio. As an affiliate, I was given free access to this program. All opinions are my own. All links are affiliate links, feel free to click on them any old time. This is how I keep my blog going, and how I sometimes run the occasional giveaway.

Breakaway Boot Camp is a four week program. Each week has three core workouts, plus two bonus workouts, each with a corresponding video. There are three levels for each workout: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. At the beginning of each video segment, Laura explains all of the moves for each level, so that the actual workout runs smoothly without breaks. This is a good thing, I think, although during the workouts I would have killed for a little "break". This isn't called Boot Camp for nothing!
The bonus workouts are always fun and interesting. Each week has a Bonus Quickie , one example is Tabata (which is code for Holy Heck! This is gonna be tough) and an Unconventional Workout, which can be anything from a Bleachers Workout to a workout designed to be performed during a movie night. Some are designed to be done quickly, but they really kick your butt, so be prepared!
The core workouts are Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body. They run roughly thirty minutes, sometimes a little more, and use mostly body weight to perform them, although you will occasionally need hand weights or resistance bands to do the workout. I keep very few actual weights and bands out, and I had no problems getting it done!
Laura does not use background music so if, like me, you need music to keep you pumped, turn on your ipod and get moving. Working out with my own music was a pleasant change to the music that some series' use.

From the description provided by Laura:

 Week 1: Building Baselines – This week is all about choosing the right level and assessing your current strength; focus is on form and weight selection
  • Week 2: Breaking Barriers – This week is all about pushing yourself to your limit – workouts will be intense, and while there will be modifications and variations, the expectation is for you to challenge your mental strength in addition to your physical strength. When you think, “I can’t…” my goal is for you to ask yourself whether that’s really true.
  • Week 3: Becoming Bolder – Once you’ve broken some of your own mental barriers, it’s time to test your physical ones. Can you add more weight? Can you do more reps? Can you re-check your form to make sure you’re getting the most out of each exercise? Boldness is courage, confidence and taking calculated risks – that’s what this week is all about.
  • Week 4: Bettering & Believing – It’s the last week of the program, so the goal is to look back at how far you’ve already come. Expect new challenges added to familiar workouts, and opportunities to self-assess your new found strength.

  • Each week also includes a lesson, whether it be about scheduling your workouts or figuring out what level is best for you, along with a fitness assessment at the beginning and the end, to see your progress. Laura also works with you on nutrition, if you choose, via My Fitness pal.
    I loved having the multiple levels available. I am usually at a pretty Advanced Level, but I have had the same darn cold since mid January, and some days I just couldn't workout at that level. I just bumped it down on those days, and worked out at Intermediate, and sometimes Beginner levels. Even on Advanced days, there are moves that I just cannot perform. Ever since my foot injury last summer, burpees and I just don't get along, they put too much pressure on my toes. I always modify them.

    As a runner, cross training is so important. It is the one thing I struggle with the most. My brain truly gets in the way. On my scheduled days off of running, I tend to have the "day off" mentality, but I really should be using those days to cross train. This workout is perfect, you can take it with you anywhere! When the weather gets better (oh please, let that be soon) I plan to take the printouts to the park or to the river beach and workout there in the mornings, for a change of pace. I can also bring them to my parents' house when I visit. They live on a mountain, and there is nowhere to run, but I can do these workouts easily!

    Laura will also have more workouts in the future, she is working on a new series NOW! Check out the Breakaway Boot Camp now. You can preview the program, and once you purchase it, you have lifetime access to it.  What are you waiting for? Go go go!

    Get started!

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