Monday, February 2, 2015

OCR Winter Series Four Miler

Yesterday was my first official race of 2015! Technically, this is week 2 of the series, but last week the park cancelled it, because of ice on the course.
This was my first time racing a series put on by the Ocean Running Club. It was a four mile race, which is another first for me. In addition to the snow, I have had a pretty bad cold for the last week, so I went into this race with very low expectations. My goal: finish. That's it. I don't know about other areas, but every local race series I have ever been to has been filled with super speedy runners. Die hard marathoners who run all year round and make me feel slow. Which is fine. I am slow. This does not bother me, so everyone is happy.
Back to the race!
I showed up, paid my whopping $6 (I LOVE race series!) and filled out my raffle ticket for the enormous TV they are giving away at the end. The race started at exactly 11:00, with just a little fanfare, and lots of happy runners. I started Map My Run, and off  went. It started on an uphill and my lungs burned for the first half mile. I settled into a rhythm, but when I hit the first mile, MMR didn't give me a time check. I wasn't surprised, there were trees on both sides, very tall, so I figured the mileage might be off by a bit. I felt like I was slogging though, and there weren't many behind me.


As I approached the end of the first loop, a guy passed me. He was about 70. A very speedy guy, apparently, because my slog was actually a 10:45 mile average! What?!?! This was unexpected! The second lap felt harder. I tried to keep up with speedy old guy, but the longer we ran, the further ahead he got. Just before mile 3 MMR told me I ran a mile. Darn trees!
I turned the last corner, looked up the last hill, and saw the club photographer. Almost there! I wondered how much I slowed down.  Darn phone. Darn app. Darn vision, because I cannot see far away, and the time was blurry up until the last minute! I finished in 43:30, which was easily 5 minutes faster then I hoped, and about 10 minutes faster than I expected! Score!

I was second in my age group, but prizes are only awarded to first place finishers, so back to the car I went, where the hubs was waiting with my chocolate milk. What a good sport!

I am lactose intolerant, but usually a run over 45 minutes allows me to drink this without repercussions. Today was not that day. Note to self: take a Lactaid next time!

I am looking forward to next week, to see if I can improve my time!

Did you race this weekend?


  1. Yes a loCal 10 miler Yes local races have the fastest runners.

    1. I am glad to hear it isn't just me! They are so speedy quick! Like you!!!

  2. Well 43:30 is 1. awesome and 2. not over 45 min so no chocolate milk for you miss :)

    1. 1. thanks. and 2. you're no fun lol next time I will bring a Lactaid!