Sunday, February 1, 2015

Preserving Memories with Project Repat

*****I was super excited to be given the opportunity to have a tee shirt quilt made by Project Repat! I was given a credit towards a purchase in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own!*****
I LOVE tee shirt quilts. Every one tells a story. Whether it is a shirt from every play my daughter has been in, or teams my son has played on, or races that I have run, every time you snuggle under one, it brings back so many memories!
Over 25,000 customers have trusted their shirts to Project Repat, and having a quilt made is SO easy!
Step 1: Pick out your shirts. This is probably the hardest step, but the most important! You need to know what size to order, so choose wisely!  This is easier said than done, chances are you will have wayyyyy too many shirts chosen, and will have to make some hard choices! You can use anywhere from 16 shirts (for a "lap" quilt) to 64 shirts (for a King sized quilt). I chose a lap quilt. I didn't have that many shirts leftover from past races, so this was an easy decision to make. I only had about 3 left afterwards.
Step 2: Decide what size square you need. A standard square is 12x12, but you can go smaller for baby sized shirts or larger for men's XL shirts.
Step 3:Choose your fleece color for the backing. I went with red, but there is also navy blue, magenta, light blue, gray, and black.
Step 4: Pay for your quilt and wait for your email! The email will tell you how to prep your shirts, and even includes a handy email. It also tells you where to send them! You can send your shirts whole, or you can cut the backs off and save on some shipping. I went with option #2. I cut the sleeves and back off of each shirt and then crammed them into my envelope, along with the printout that came with the email. You pay to ship the shirts to them, but they pay to ship the quilt back. (well, mostly, you pay $1.99 for shipping, but let's be real, they are paying most of the cost themselves.
Step 5: Wait. They really keep you apprised of what is going on. I got an email when they received my shirts and an email saying the quilt was being shipped. I shipped the shirts to them on January 15.
I stuffed sixteen shirts into this Priority Mail bag!

On January 23, this arrived. For real, they turned my shirts into a quilt in less than a week, and I had it in 8 days. 8. Days. Now, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks if they have a lot of orders, so this turnaround may not be typical!
See that sticker. Cut and sewn in the USA! Everyone involved in this company works in the USA. How great is that? They take an amazing idea, and use it to give jobs to people all over the USA!
A few other fun facts:
  • Repat stands for repatriate, which means to return to the country of origin. Project Repat is bringing jobs back to the USA!
  • The quilts are backed with PolarTec fleece made out of recycled bottles! Each yard recycles 23 plastic bottles! I.Love.This.
  • Precision Sportswear in Fall River, MA employs people in the USA and they earn fair wage, receive full benefits, and paid vacations and holidays!
  • Opportunity Threads in Morganton, NC employees add input to the production process and have the opportunity to earn an ownership stake in the company.

Look at my awesome quilt! I love all of the memories that it contains!
Each square reminds me of the races I ran, and the friends who ran with me!

Pacebook Running Club! Stacey, Tony, and David
MRTT, and friend! Ronnie
Digital Running Ambassador
the view at the Trick or Trot
meeting Dan from the Biggest Loser

I cannot seem to get the pictures to line up, I apologize!!!
If you would like to have a quilt made, use the discount code below, and hop on over to their site!

You can stalk Project Repat on Twitter and Instagram as well, and check out other awesome quilts!

What kind of shirts would you have made into a quilt?


  1. I used to liver in Morganton NC :)....I have always thought about this but figured I have too many shirts to choose from and also too many blankets but now I am seriously reconsidering.....

    1. I have a whole stack now, I keep them in the living room for couch snuggling!

  2. I keep thinking about having a quilt made! It's just a great idea, especially since I don't like the fit of a lot of my race shirts!

    1. I hear ya there! They are always either too big or too small, lol