Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Running In Costume

Running in costume can be lots of fun, but there are some very important factors to take into consideration when you plan to run a race in costume!
  1. Comfort is key! You want to test your costume out on a run before you race in it. If you plan to wear it for a half marathon or a marathon, test it out at a 5K first! Pay attention to where it might rub or chafe, and if it breathes! Wear a matching shirt and/or leggings underneath if you notice chafing. Which brings me to.....
  2. Fabric! Halloween costumes can be fun, but they don't usually breathe very well. Wearing one to a Disney race, especially when it is hot and/or humid, can be a huge mistake!
  3. Accessories can be fun, but running a marathon with wings on, or carrying a sword, might make you a little crazy! Make sure it is something you can live with, or won't mind ditching!
  4. Masks can make or break a costume, but might also be against rules. Disney does not allow them, so be sure to check the rules before you commit to a costume!
  5. Tights are cute, but you can end up with mega blisters! Consider using footless tights so you can also wear proper running socks! Many compression sock companies have great patterns!
  6. Use actual running clothes as often as possible, and alter them to fit your costume! I have taken a tech shirt and pinned faces to them as costumes, and paired it with a great running skirt.
  7. Be prepared to make last minute changes! I brought a great costume to Wine and Dine, but when the monsoon was forecasted, I switched to a tee and skirt. I just knew that I would be miserable in my costume, and I wanted to be as comfy as possible. Good thing, because it rained...no, poured... the entire time.
  8. Keep the distance in mind, and make the necessary alterations. I wear Sparkle Skirts underneath many of my costumes. They have crazy pockets in the waist and on the shorts, and come in handy during half marathons.
  9. Have fun!!!! Be prepared to wave to the kids, I dressed as Mike from Monsters Inc at Disney, and all the kids were calling be by name. Well, Mike's name. I was famous.
Great costume, I wore a brown Sparkle Skirt underneath.

Fun but scratchy, and the wig was annoying. I wore clothes underneath!

much better without the wig
This would be a cute costume, from Hot Topic. I'm considering it for a future race
add a sparkly skirt, instant Chewbacca
add a cute skirt, instant R2D2
I am ironing on a Reese's logo for the Hot Chocolate 15K
to go with the shirt above..... add a Running Buddy and you're ready to go
pink camo shirt, camo running skirt, instant Army Hero
thinking about this for Superhero.... red shirt, red leggings, black running skirt, and an iron on

I was supposed to be Pocahontas, but the rain was coming.....

 What hero should I dress as for Superhero? Han? R2D2? Chewie? Mrs. Incredible?



  1. And this is why races use you to promote :)

  2. I love running in costumes! For the Rebel Challenge I wore the R2DS tunic you have in your post with a pair of my running shorts for the 10k and for the half I was Darth Vader! We are eyeing the Wine & Dine so we can get our Coast to Coast medal so I can't wait to start planning that costume!

    1. I'm leaning towards Chewie for W&D and Han and R2D2 for Marathon weekend!

  3. It ALWAYS has to be regular tech clothes that have been "altered" for me. Wore a Halloween costume (Minnie Mouse) to Wine and Dine and literally had chafing burns on my arms for days, haha. I'd like to put in my vote for Mrs. Incredible -- that's what I did when I ran Superhero in 2013! Super easy costume, and got lots of attention from spectators...well, mainly children, but whatever. ;)

    1. I am totally doing Mrs. Incredible! The hubs really wants me to as well, so I guess it's a win!