Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Train Run That Wasn't

Sunday was supposed to be the Train Run, a fun run in Asbury Park. You take the train to one of three destinations, and run back to Johnny Mac's, the bar where it all begins. My friend and I planned to go the farthest and run the 6-ish miles back.
And then it snowed.

Everything got slippery and messy. It  rained a bit, but not quite enough. They had to cancel. It turns out some die hards ran the four miles anyway, but I found that bit out too late. In any case, you could still get your tee and your free pizza and beer. I can't wear a shirt I didn't earn so I did my 4.5 miles in the living room.

This week I join a gym.
After my awesome Power Walking we went to Johnny Mac's to get my swag.

I had a great time talking about Run Disney with a lively woman named Kathy who was so excited to meet someone who knew the ropes!

Time for Mogo! We always eat there and then go to Confections of a Rock Star for cupcakes.

As always, I got a pork bowl. It's perfect.

We got cupcakes but I ate mine without taking a pic. Blogger fail.
We decided to walk the pups, since it was 45' out, and added two more miles to my day!

And we met another new friend.

Did you run today?


  1. sounds like a fun race. I ran on Sunday. Since then we have had sub zero temps

    1. ugh! We have been hovering in the teens, it's making me crazy!