Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Marathon Mon.... Tuesday, staying Injury Free with Jeff Galloway

I love being a Galloway blogger! Receiving these little tidbits every two weeks is so helpful with my training for the NYC Marathon. I just know that Jeff is going to get me to the finish line! I have been using the app as well, and I am loving that Jeff does voice overs during the session. One came today just as I was slowing down a bit, encouraging me on!
This week's hints are especially helpful for me. I have been experiencing some foot pain, most likely Plantar Fasciitis, and I am struggling. Luckily, the pain is lessening, especially while running, and my runs are becoming enjoyable again! I ran the E Murray Todd Half Marathon with very few training runs, and add in those crazy hills, I was bound to get injured!


I have been using 3:1 during training runs, and 1:1 during races, and I have been happy with the results!

Since I am pre-marathon training, my runs have mostly been easy 3-4 mile runs, with races in between. I have begun doing PiYo again, on the off days, to strengthen and stretch all of my muscles. I am at my best when I incorporate PiYo into my schedule!
A few other tidbits from Jeff....
Are you concerned that running will damage joints, and other body parts ? I was told this regularly, from my first week of running over 50 years ago but the research shows the opposite result: Runners have healthier joints, etc. than non runners as the decades go by.
  • While researching for my book RUNNING UNTIL YOU'RE 100, I reviewed dozens of studies and could not find one showing that running harms legs, feet, joints, etc.
  • It may surprise you to know that many studies show that runners have fewer orthopedic issues compared with non-runners as the years go by.
  • A respected and large population study out of Stanford following thousands of runners over 50 who had run for more than 20 years concluded that runners had less than 25% of orthopedic issues compared with non runners of the same age.

  • What big race are you training for? Do you Galloway?


    1. I also follow Galloway and am training for the Baltimore 10-miler. I've done a handful of half marathons but scared to take the full leap. Thanks for sharing the these tidbits.

      1. Good luck with your ten miler! I did my first full in Disney, it was too much fun to be scary ;)