Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shower Pill at the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon #SHHM15

*****thanks to Sweat Pink and  Shower Pill for providing me with a box of Shower Pills in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own!*****

Today I ran the Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon or, as I have been calling it, the 13 mile search for hot Ichabod. You know. From the TV show. Totally makes sense, right? 

He's so pretty.
Anyway, it was supposed to be warm today, almost 60, but then it snowed.

It was literally freezing when I picked up my bib, tee, and drawstring bag. I'm not gonna lie, I was sad that the shirt had no Ichabod or horseman on it.

Anyway, I sat in the car with the hubs until it was time for the Porta Potty shuffle and then we zipped over to the start. I will share those pics this week, they are on the digital camera!
It started right on time, and on a hill. Awesome! We looped around and actually ran past the start again, but not before we hit the one mile mark here.....

I hope this isn't the only Ichabod we find!
This was right across from the lot where we parked, I was surprised not to see the hubs. It turns out that he was at the diner, having a bagel, but he got pics as we ran by. Again, with the digital!

The race was super hilly so we ran in between, and walked up the hills and ran down them. A pretty fair strategy and it worked out well. We got past mile two before we realized that there were no water stops yet. Ummm we are thirsty people! These hills are hard work. The first stop was actually at mile three! Yikes!

We did find this guy right around there....

I wanted to choke him! There were lots of these sprinkled around the course: Zack in the Hangover, Ralphie in the Pink Nightmare, Buddy the Elf, to name a few!
It was at the three mile water stop that we found Ichabod. Not the hot version, though. And a selfie fail. Oh well.

The hills were rough, and the traffic was scary. They only closed off some parts of the course, and cars were driving scary fast on the back roads.
Around mile 6 the sun came out.

It didn't stay for long. Mile 8....

Mile 10.....

Mile 12, almost done!

The final stretch was up a nasty hill. Before I conquered it I told one of the cops I wanted to lodge a complaint about the hills. His answer? It's Sleepy Hollow, ma'am, it's all hills.
Thanks buddy.
But i finished, and knocked about 5 minutes off of the E Murray time. Score!
They only had cups of water at the finish, and bagels and bananas. I wanted to just change my clothes and hit the diner.
I'm so glad that I brought Shower Pills with me!
They are huge, and very wet, so you can wash your whole body. I may have changed in the car and cleaned up as I went. Maybe. 
As wet as it felt at first, my skin dried quickly, and I could get dressed speedy quick.
No stickiness, no alcohol smell, kills 99.99% germs, and has Aloe Vera and vitamin E.  Win win win. And each box comes with 10 individually wrapped wipes, for sharing or for your next 8 or 10 races....

Good thing, too, because we had lunch right after, and we didn't want to stink up the joint! It was the Horseman Diner, after all, and you don't want to mess with that!
No Hot Ichabod at the diner either. Search failed.
Maybe next year.
You can get your Shower Pills here, and can stalk them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Have you tried a Shower Pill yet?

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