Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marathon Training Tuesday with Jeff Galloway

I love this week's tips, they seem like such common sense and yet we constantly need that reminder!
Training for the NYC marathon started this week! Up until now, I have been doing what I called pre-training, just keeping my body moving so that I wouldn't go into shock when the real training started!
I am using the Run the Edge training plan and I love the way each workout is worth points. If you get ebough poit's each week, you move on. If not, you repeat the week. This allows you to skip a workout herealized and there if necessary.
my first workout was a 35 minute run. I may have taken that one a little far.

Last night I did my second workout of the week, a 15 minute run that I used as a recovery run. I ran laps at the park before coaching Girls on the Run. I managed to get in about 1.2 miles in that 15 minutes. 

That's it so far. It's only Tuesday after all. I did do P90x chest and back yesterday and lots of walking today so far.
I will be running a 5k this weekend as one of my training runs as well.

Are you training for a big race?


  1. Never heard of that plan. Sounds like a good one ...if I ever do a marathon.

    1. lol I think one day you will give in and try out the full!

  2. Oh that makes it a game.....sounds so fun!!!

    1. yes! I used it for wineglass last year. well, until the injury!