Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Runapalooza Recap #REALwomenmove

I was so excited to be running this race got the third year in a row, and looking forward to seeing the course changes this year. They have had to alter the course because of Sandy damage, and every year they change it a little, trying to get it back to the way it was before the storm.
The weather was calling for rain all week, but on Friday, it changed. Sunny and warm with a high in the low 70s by noon! Love! I also received my latest order from Skirt Sports which meant a shiny new skirt to wear.
The hubs and I were loving the start time of 8:30 because it meant we could leave at 7 and still meet up with friends before the race.
half fanatics
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The hubs wanted to check the course. To see where he should wait for me along the way. Because, you know, he wanted to do that. At the time anyway. More on that later.
We checked the map, decided where he should wait for me, and I lined up at the start.

The race began and we ran towards Cookman Avenue. I felt good, and the orthotic seemed to be doing its job. I had forgotten my watch, which was making me nuts, but there were clocks along the course, and I would have to make do. I hit mile one in under 11 minutes. Closer to 10. What?!? I guess the orthotics were working really well. I couldn't wait to pass the hubs at mile 2, and tell him to knock some time off of my estimated arrival. I told him 11:30, but it was looking more like 11:15!
As I approached mile 2, I started scanning for the hubs. I looked at the spot where he was at the start, but he wasn't there. Hmmmmmm turns out he went for a bagel. Sigh.
Time to head towards Deal for the next out and back. We ran over a very small bridge into Deal, and spent the next few miles running past some amazingly beautiful houses. You can still see the toll Sandy took along the shore, houses are just now being torn down, rebuilt, or raised. As the faster runners started passing us in the other direction I started looking for my friends. I am always last, so I always see them at this point. I saw Darlene but I couldn't find anyone else. When I hit the turnaround I was disappointed. Seeing them always gives me a push. I was still maintaining 11 to 12 minute miles, and was thrilled with my times. Just after the turnaround I saw CA. Behind me. It turns out she started way behind me, and her finishing time was very close to mine. Soon after, I saw Eileen. Her legs were feeling very tired that day. Deirdre was there and so were Lisa and Frank. I cheered them all and continued on. 
Back to the boardwalk and running towards the "Casino", where the hubs was supposed to be. We also passed the finish line. Not a fan of that at all. 
On to the Casino. Where is the hubs? Relaxing in the car and enjoying the day! Just after the casino, we had to run through about 6 feet of sand to get to the road which would lead us back to the boardwalk. Ugh. 
Time for another out and back. This is my least favorite part of the course. You have runners in both directions, people enjoying the day, kids on bikes, etc and no one pays any care to anyone else. There was a group of runners coming towards me, three abreast, on a turn in the boardwalk. Hmmmmmm share the road maybe? Ugh. I politely reminded them that they were not alone out there and should share the road. They seemed very surprised at this, but moved over right away. 
I saw Dave the Trumpeter but he was on the other side so I vowed to snap a selfie on the way back.
We approached the bridge that was the turnaround at roughly mile 11, but I had no idea how I was doing. I hadn't seen a clock In awhile. I was hoping for under 2:45 but I had no idea if that was even possible. As I got to the turnaround, a woman with two little dogs on leashes cut in front of me and basically strolled for the next 10 feet forcing me to stop. Really? People had been running past her for awhile, she had to know there was a race going on. One of the directors apologized to me and I quickly assured him that it wasn't his fault. People can be so clueless, he can't control them all!
Back towards Dave and my selfie near mile 12. I really needed this to keep me going, and shortly after I saw Lisa and Frank and we took selfie as well.

After our pics, I continued on to hit mile 12, knowing I would have to text the hubs and let him know I was early. I didn't want to slow down so I tried voice texting. I guess it was too loud, though, because it didn't make sense to him. I tried saying he had less than 14 minutes to get to the finish. He read it as get to the finish at 11:40. 
Mile 12 had a clock, and I knew that if I kept it up, I might actually finish far below 2:45! 
I hit that sand again, but I swear it grew in distance. I didn't even realize that a photographer was there.

Back through the Casino, and onto the boardwalk. They had a lane of cones set out for the runners and you could see the finish line ahead, just before Convention Hall. Again, a ton of runners coming through and still, an older couple enters the lane and is strolling towards me. I tell them that this lane is for people running the race, and they look surprised and step out of the lane. Are people really this clueless?
The lane was very small, right down the center of the boardwalk with sooooo much space on either side for people who were not running.  I started scanning the crowd for the hubs, but he wasn't there. I focused my attention on the finish line, and that's when I saw the clock. Holy heck, I think I finished in 2:41!
I collect my medal, grab some water and text the hubs. He came along ten minutes later and we laughed about my crazy text while we waited for our friends to finish.

My finish time ended up being 2:40:59, which is a course PR!  The hubs and I headed into town for some Mogo Korean BBQ and cupcakes from Confections of a Rock Star. Perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. Loved your recap. I felt like I was there. LOL. I was. Hope to see you again at a race.

  2. Congrats on the awesome finish time!! OMG, I can NOT run on sand...that must've been the worst. And I can't stand it when people seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that there's a race going on, lol.