Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stray Boots Tours, Active Vacation FTW

A few years back we discovered Stray Boots Tours (I am blogging via phone, I will try and add links on Friday!) in NYC. Now they are in a lot of major cities, and they have an app!
The teenie and I did a tour in Philly over the weekend, and the family did one in New Orleans on Monday!
Stray Boots is a scavenger hunt that takes you to a lot of places you would never find on your own. We never knew there was a piece of the Berlin Wall in NYC before we took a tour!
Sometimes there is a trivia question, a task, or a photo op. You get points for completing them. We have yet to get a perfect score, but we are optimistic!
Both tours covered about 3 miles of walking easily!
Some of the photos.....
The statue was missing, so we improvised...

March like a soldier. 
Feed the pig.
Favorite oversized game piece

I didn't do it!


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    1. These are so fun, you will have to meet us in NYC sometime, and we will all do one together!