Monday, May 11, 2015

Marathon Monday, Week 3

I can't believe it's already week three!

Monday.... on the schedule was four rounds of intervals. 8 minutes running, 3 jogging. I hate wearing my watch when it's hot, so I used my ipod instead. I ran for three songs and walked for one, which resulted in roughly 11.30 miles. Not very scientific, but it works.

Tuesday.... two miles at the boardwalk. It was insanely hot and humid so we ran one mile and then walked back on the beach.

Wednesday was a rest day, although there was much walking to be had.

Thursday.... 30 easy minutes with strides. I got the strides down but not the easy! 2.7 miles at an 11'17" pace. Crazy warm that day as well.

Friday.... 45 minutes at a medium pace. I ran through the next town and back, which includes two bridges. It was a nice day for a run! Four miles in about 48 minutes, an 11'51" pace.

Saturday was the Fun Run I ran with the teenie. On the schedule was 25 minutes of easy running an do did 18 minutes of speedy running. Oooops. Week three is done!

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