Sunday, May 24, 2015

Marathon Monday, week four!

Wow! Week four is already done and I've moved into week five.

Before I get started on my week in training, let's take a minute to give thanks for all of the military who gave their lives for our freedom.

Ok, so Sunday.... Superhero Half. This was a hot hot mess, and I went into great detail in a recent post so I won't rehash it. Let's just say I finished and call it a day!

Monday.... rest day. My body really hurt from the hills on Sunday. I rode my bike to coach Girls on the Run.

Tuesday.... my usual running buddy cancelled so I had a lazy morning and then hit the streets to run errands. Literally.


Wednesday.... our Girls on the Run practice 5k was on this day, so I decided to run with them.  But first, i walked the course and left some messages behind. It was a 13 lap course. I was supposed to do strides, but I was still tired from Sunday, so that was a fail. 

Thursday.... rest day! Total rest day, too, I barely registered 4000 steps on my fitbit that day.

Friday.... AT run. I hit the luck reservoir which is 1.6 miles around. I struggles with the decision on whether or not to do an AT run, since the Spring Lake Five was the next day. It was so beautiful out, however, and my legs really wanted to run! I finished 3.2 Miles with a 10'34" pace.

Saturday .... Spring Lake Five. I struggled with the crowds at the beginning and never got into a groove. Five miles with a 12'40" pace and I was wiped out all day! I think allergies played a huge part in it. Anyway, this ended week four!

How is your training going?

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