Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Marathon Monday, week two

Week one was so great, I went into week two hoping for a repeat! After my race on Saturday, we went to visit my dad, who is finally out of the hospital! It's over three hours each way!
Sunday... we walked the dogs. It's a two Mile walk total.

Monday... I ran errands all day, and had just enough time to get to the park and run for 20ish minutes before Girls on the RUN started. I ended up doing 2 Miles because when I finished my 29 minutes I was at 1.86 Miles and I just can't stop there. It's too weird. Ya know? At GOTR we played capture the flag, so I got in some extra sprints. Teenagers are fast.

Tuesday... 25 minutes at the boardwalk was the plan, but since I did 24 the night before. I was going to sweat the time. Out and back is just over 2 miles, so I was going to stick with that. My friend Denise came again, and trying to keep.up with her, I ended up being faster than last week! After our eun, we walked two miles and then I walked to work and back, for a total of 5.5 Miles for Cinco de Mayo.

Wednesday was a day off. I did a lot of walking, though!
Thursday was supposed to be a 30 minute run but I swapped it with Saturday's run and did 40 minutes instead. It called for medium pace, so I decided to go for a 12 minute pace. Laughable, though, because I used the Nike app, on my phone, tucked into my Running Buddy. I decided to run to the ocean and back, with a few side roads to make up the distance. When I got to the ocean, at the 1.5 mile mark, I paused the app to take some pics and saw that my pace was just over 11. I had felt so sluggish and slow, do I was surprised. The rest of the run pretty much stayed the same. Even with the bridge in both directions. Totally shocked me!

Friday... I had three miles of intervals planned, but we were having pavers delivered, and I had to wait for the delivery guy to bring them. This of course took all day long because the window was all day long and by the time he delivered the pavers is it was time for me to pick up my son from school and run some errands.
Saturday, after a Mother's Day brekky with the inlaws, I finally did my intervals. It was rainy and I had a headache and a runny nose, but I got it done.
week two, over and out.

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