Saturday, May 30, 2015

No Spartan? Staying Active Anyway!

Today I'm supposed to be running Spartan with Gigi from Running on Candy. My legs have been so heavy lately, and the Tuxedo Spartan is so hilly, that I decided to defer and stay on the safe side. NYC marathon is way more important!
What to do instead? Help the hubs with our backyard paver project!

Let's be honest, the hubs is doing the hard part. He is laying down the sand and the bricks, which is very precise and would make me insane. I am delivering the bricks. Some of them are right next to the patio, and some are around the opposite side of the house, so I am getting my steps in. I even did some shoulder presses and triceps extensions while I walked the bricks over. It's how I roll.
Have you ever laid paver stones at your own house?

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