Saturday, May 16, 2015

Race 1, Nellie Bennett Fun Run

Today was race 1 of 2 this weekend, a fun run at our local elementary school. The teenie and I walked the three blocks to the start and registered on site. They had a snafu with tees so we have to wait for ours. I wasn't expecting one anyway, so it's a nice bonus.
We talked with some friends  until it was time to start. The race started suddenly, and my app wasn't ready so I was a little behind. I tried to speed up to catch up with my friend Paul, but it was too thick out and I just wore myself out.
I pulled back and just enjoyed the race. I felt slow and sluggish, so I wasn't expecting much. It also ended kind of soon, and when I checked the app it sated 1.7 miles. Turns out, one of the volunteers stood on the wrong corner and misdirected everyone. Oooops.
My friend Paul won for the adults, which was a fun surprise. Week three of marathon training is over!
Tomorrow is the Superhero Half.....

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