Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Thoughts on Laziness

I have been so lazy lately.
For real, I get up in the morning and play Bingo on my iPad for about two hours, do the laundry and the dishes, and then go to work. On my training days, I run.
On my cross training days....well, like.i said, I've been lazy.
I will be making myself a daily schedule after work today. I will plan in my precious Bingo time, because I need it, and some time for my coloring books.

I printed out the calendar and worksheets for P90X3, since the workouts are shorter than the original series, making it more likely that I will do it every day.

I will get my house clean and organized over the summer and get back on track, so that I can complete the NYC marathon without dying.
Have you ever gotten into a lazy funk? Any suggestions?

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